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July 20, 2008

My 101 in 1001 Days

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Well, I guess there are several people joining this meme….personally, I’m doing it just to try some self-improvement and see how much I’ve changed in about 3 years. The good thing about this is my discovery of this meme comes at the perfect time. I’ve been looking to make some personality changes (for the better) that will hopefully make me stronger, healthier, smarter, and much much more optimistic in my life as I get older. I suppose there are several other things I could’ve done besides this, but I figure, why not? What’s the worst that can happen? So…I’m ready – I’m jumping in with both feet and I’m actually excited about it! Here is my list of 101 things I plan to achieve within the next 1001 days (that’s about 3 years).


  1. Try wine tasting
  2. Cook something Completed 7-28-2008
  3. Draw a picture
  4. Go to a concert
  5. Discover/Have a favorite joke
  6. Have a photographic portrait taken/Have my portrait painted
  7. Sample foreign food Completed 8-8-2008
  8. Win a competition
  9. Attend the super bowl
  10. Learn to dance – salsa, tango, waltz, anything!!!
  11. Go to the theatre – see a ballet, play, etc.
  12. Go to the zoo
  13. Take a walk in the rain


  1. Visit the Museum of African Art
  2. Read a classic novel
  3. Write a short story
  4. Learn about Feng Shui
  5. Graduate college
  6. Learn French
  7. Learn basic phrases in at least 5 languages
  8. Take an interior design class/lesson
  9. Read Casablanca and see the film, produced in 1942
  10. Join the cultural swap @


  1. Drive a speedboat
  2. Drive a sports car around a race track
  3. Hire a classic car for a night on the town
  4. Sail in a yacht
  5. Test drive a Ferrari
  6. Try hand gliding
  7. Ride a rollercoaster
  8. Shoot a gun at a shooting range
  9. Try rock climbing
  10. Try paint balling
  11. Go on a road trip – across the country, and see as many landmarks as I can
  12. Go on a safari
  13. Go on a nature walk
  14. Ride a horse
  15. Watch the sun rise and set
  16. Take a hot air balloon ride
  17. Go on a trip by myself


  1. Get baptized
  2. Find my soul mate
  3. Have a life coaching session
  4. Give someone a compliment everyday and mean it for 30 days
  5. Right a wrong
  6. Make an inspiration binder
  7. Write a list of 100 things that make me smile
  8. Reduce my worldly possessions to 100 things
  9. Make a list of the 100 things I know I need in my life
  10. Read the Bible in its entirety, following a daily devotional
  11. Make a list of 12 Life Commandments I will live by and not break
  12. Join the Happiness Project @ and read it daily for 3 months
  13. Keep a gratitude journal for one entire month
  14. Learn not to cry/show my anger when I am upset/angry/hurt


  1. Write a letter to my future child
  2. Go on a city shopping spree
  3. Have a candlelit bath
  4. Spend one evening a week not watching TV or logging onto the computer
  5. Phone in sick to work and do nothing all day!
  6. As a stranger for a date
  7. Send flowers to mom for no real reason
  8. Trace my family tree
  9. Have my family know I love them every single day
  10. Go naked
  11. Grow something
  12. Get up at 5 am everyday for a week
  13. Make a habit of cleaning my room every Saturday morning
  14. Upload all my music on my PC and donate all the CDs I have
  15. Wear nice clothes to work everyday for a week straight Completed August 18-August 22, 2008)

For the Greater Good – Charity/Charitable Acts

  1. Take part in a marathon or race for a charity
  2. Research a charity I believe in and make the commitment to donate to it once a month for a year
  3. Do something for someone who will never find out
  4. Use energy-saving light bulbs
  5. Give an abandoned pet a permanent home
  6. Give blood
  7. Give my time to charity/Join a ministry at church
  8. Pick up someone else’s litter Completed 7/21/2008

Health and Fitness

  1. Learn the secrets to a healthier life
  2. Get Lasik eye surgery
  3. Exercise at lest 3 times a week
  4. Have a beauty makeover
  5. Have a make up consultation
  6. Receive a full body massage from a professional
  7. Improve my diet by no longer drinking soda/juice and NEVER eating fast food
  8. Lose 40 pounds
  9. Go to a health spa


  1. Visit a financial planner
  2. Open a high yield savings account on line Almost completed. I joined a credit union on 8-22-2008 putting 50% of my paycheck into the account. Talk about sacrifice – but it’s got to work!!!
  3. Buy property – a condominum, a townhouse, something!
  4. Compare prices before I buy anything
  5. Cut back on all spending – learn the importance of frugality
  6. Buy a lottery ticket Completed 9-20-2008
  7. Find a better paying job
  8. Write a check to myself for $1 million with the supernatural convition that I will one day be able to cash it – if you believe it, you can achieve it
  9. Have a $5000 emergency fund
  10. Take lunch to work everyday for a month straight
  11. Go one week without spending a penny Completed 7-21 to 7-25-2008
  12. Get some credit!!! Finally started. I got a credit card with USAA and I applied for (and received) a Federal Stafford loan. Major things are going on over here. I can pay for school, build some credit, and contribute to my savings account all in one go. I know it’s debt but I don’t have time to feel bad about it now. And I don’t need anyone to remind me of it – I’ve got a mother.
  13. Put my money to work – Join a 401(k), Roth IRA, get a money market account, mutual funds, CDs, something!
  14. Write about each 101 in 1001
  15. Make a new list!!!

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